Saturday, 04 January, 2003

Charlie Update

It's not very often that Charlie the hyperactive slobber dog settles down enough that Tasha the timid poodle will consent to lay down anywhere near him.  And even when he does crash, he usually goes right back into happy puppy mode whenever anybody gets near him.  After a hard day of playing in the yard, he'd crashed in his favorite spot on the futon and we laid Tasha down beside him.  I was surprised that he remained still long enough for me to get the camera and take a few shots.

It's been almost six months since Charlie showed up, thirsty, hungry, and with a bad case of mange.  If you would have told me a year ago that I'd adopt a mangy pit bull puppy, I'd have asked what you were smoking.  But he's turned out to be a very affectionate and well-behaved (although certainly not perfect—yet) dog.  It's surprising how fast we got used to having him around.  I suspect, though, that Tasha and Kameeke the cat don't feel quite the same way.