Saturday, 08 February, 2003

Snow in Central Texas?

Can you believe it snowed here over night?  When Debra got up this morning, there was a good solid quarter inch on the ground in some places.  I got my pictures around noon.  A light mist was falling and much of the snow had melted, but you can see that there's still a good covering in some places.  The last time I saw snow here was six years ago, and I don't think it was quite this much.

The weather around here plays havoc with our peach tree.  With the warm spell we had a few weeks ago, the peach tree got confused and started budding.  Combined with the last few days of freezing, today's snow probably ruined any chance we have of harvesting peaches this year.  I think the person who planted the peach tree (the previous owner) didn't know to check the chilling hours requirement when selecting a fruit tree.