Friday, 21 March, 2003

War.  Oh, Boy.

Bombs are falling, troops are rolling, and we've had the first casualties.  Yes, there's a war on.  And I'm really sad to see that it had to come to this.  But when the President started pushing the United Nations last fall to disarm Iraq, there were only two possible outcomes:  either the U.N. speaks with one voice and coerces Saddam Hussein to disarm, or the U.S. does it with whatever help it can find.  Anybody who thought the President was bluffing hasn't been paying attention for the last few years.  The French insistence on "more time" for inspectors gave other countries the legitimacy they needed to look big in opposing the U.S.  And once the French realized that we weren't bluffing (they really weren't paying attention), it was too late for them to back down and save face.  That the French and their coattail riders are attempting to take the moral high ground is quite the source of amusement.  And disgust.  That the U.N. turned a blind eye to Iraq for the last 12 years just proves that the U.N. is not effective in dealing with outlaw regimes.  Or any other controversy, for that matter.

The question in everybody's mind is whether Iraq has those fabled weapons of mass destruction.  I suspect so, but that's really beside the point.  WMDs or not, Saddam Hussein and his minority Baath party must go.  Should have been gone 12 years ago when we had the opportunity.  But instead we bowed to world opinion and left in power a person who has absolutely no regard for his own people.  How anybody could think that he would have any regard for world opinion is beyond me.

Mostly I'm just sick of the whole thing, which is why I've never mentioned it here before.  It's very depressing to think that with all of our technology and supposed understanding, we still can't prevent a sociopath from murdering his own people and threatening the rest of the world.  I think I'll go bang my head against the wall now.