Sunday, 23 March, 2003

Happy Puppy!

Several of you have asked how Charlie is doing.  He's a happy puppy, as you can see from the picture to the left.  (Click for a larger version.)  I was out taking pictures of the budding trees this morning, and thought I'd try some action shots of Charlie.  The tree shots didn't turn out so great, but I thought the Charlie shots turned out okay.  I got the one at the left as he was moving towards me and I was moving the camera trying to keep with him.  I'm surprised how well it turned out.

I also tried out the camera's multi-shot feature.  Press the button and it takes five pictures in a second or two (I'm too lazy to look it up).  In any case, I squatted down and called Charlie to me.  You can view the results in an animated GIF here (640x480 - about 980K image) and here (1024x768 - about 2MB).  The camera's resolution is 640x480, so the larger version is a bit blurred, but not terribly so.  The background moves a bit 'cause I was holding the camera in my hand and I wasn't too sure if Charlie was going to run by or bowl me over.

I love this digital photography stuff.