Tuesday, 01 April, 2003

Hotmail caps outgoing email

Last week, Microsoft announced that they would begin capping the number of email messages that Hotmail users were allowed to send each day.  The limit?  A more-than-reasonable 100.  You can read more about the announcement here.  My response?  It's about @#$ time!  Limiting outgoing emails is probably the easiest and most effective way to prevent spam from casual spammers, and it'll make the chickenboners' job much more difficult.  Why Hotmail, Yahoo, and the countless other free email services didn't do this two years ago is a source of some puzzlement.  I can think of very few legitimate personal users of these services who would need to send anywhere even close to 100 emails a day.  I know that I wouldn't mind at all if my ISP were to limit my outgoing emails to 100 per day.  Let's hope that the other email services and other ISPs follow Microsoft's lead here.