Saturday, 05 April, 2003

Tacos El Kampeón

One of the highlights of our annual trip to Harlingen is the Saturday trip across the border to Mexico.  This used to be something the alumni did as a group, but in the past few years the "official" activities have taken place at the school.  Some of us—especially those of us who bring our wives—like to hop across the border for the day.  A few years ago one of the alumni introduced Debra and me to a little place in Matamoros called Tacos El Kampeón that serves the best tacos I've ever had.  Anywhere.  The place isn't much to look at--it's a shack on the edge of a parking lot--and I probably wouldn't have visited it myself without a recommendation.  But, dang!  Those tacos are good!  It's a block off the old market.  Stop in if you're in the area.  Be careful of the green sauce.  It's tasty, but hot.