Friday, 11 April, 2003

.NET performance counter documentation

Am I the only one who finds Microsoft's documentation of .NET performance counters incomprehensible?  I've been over and over this and related pages, searched for sample code, spent hours puzzling over my own programs, and have come to the conclusion that either the documentation is flat out wrong, or the performance counters themselves are terribly broken.  Figuring that the .NET implementation is just a wrapper around the Win32 performance counters, I went to the Platform SDK documentation to see if I could glean some information.  No such luck.  The .NET documentation is an incoherent translation of the already incoherent Platform SDK documentation.  Searching the MSDN site for code samples reveals plenty of stuff for the simple counters like Average Timer and Counts per Second, but nothing on most of the others.  I found nothing of relevance on the Microsoft developer forums, and a Google search was equally fruitless.  I keep poking at it, but if anybody out there can shed some light on this topic for me, I'd sure appreciate it.