Friday, 25 April, 2003

Service / Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Debra and I both have been very disappointed by the level of service we've received in most places here in Baton Rouge.  Neither one of us is especially demanding, but we do like to be acknowledged and treated courteously.  Throughout our trip, though, service at restaurants has been markedly indifferent and sometimes downright rude.  And the hotel staff—with the interesting exception of the housekeeping staff—have done nothing to make me recommend the place to anybody else, or even consider ever visiting again.  If you're going to Baton Rouge, find someplace other than the Radisson to stay.

One happy exception to all this horrible service was last night's visit to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  The service there was impeccable and the food was perfectly prepared.  I've been hearing about Ruth's Chris for years, but never had visited.  After last night's experience, you can bet I'll be visiting the Ruth's Chris in Austin.  The staff was friendly, courteous, attentive, and in good humor.  If all of their stores are this well staffed, I can understand why the chain has such a good reputation.