Tuesday, 13 May, 2003

A fawn at the garage door

Debra was headed out to work and Charlie, as usual, was leading the way.  He found this fawn curled up in front of the garage door..  Debra caught up and pulled him away before he could get too insistent with his sniffing.  He probably wouldn't have hurt the thing unless it got up and started running away.  We took some pictures and left the fawn there.  Debra had to take the other car to work.

It's not uncommon for deer to leave their young and go off  somewhere to forage.  Usually, though, the fawn is left in deep grass or under a bush—somewhere secluded.  I've come close to running one over with the lawn mower a time or two.  This is the first time I've seen one left out in the open like that.  The best explanation I've heard (this from a friend) is avoidance of fire ants.  A fawn that inadvertently lies down on or near a fire ant mound will probably end up as ant food.