Friday, 20 June, 2003

The movie people are in town

The crew for the movie Chrystal, starring Billy Bob Thornton, has been in town for a month or more.  My understanding is that the man himself is around, although I haven't seen him.  I had drinks with some of the production crew the other night, though.  Their take on the small town life here is quite humorous.

When I got back to my truck yesterday after my ride, I found that the production crew had taken over the parking lot near the ball fields.  They had rented part of the park to shoot some scenes, and the parking lot was filled with all manner of trucks:  rolling bathrooms, catering trucks, lighting dollies, and who knows what else.  Those folks were busy!  I walked around the encampment once to see what was going on, but tried to stay out of the way.  They weren't too happy when I pulled out my camera, either, so I refrained from snapping any pictures.  I guess I could have stuck around to watch the filming, but I figure movies are like laws and sausages.  I probably don't want to see how they're made.

Besides, I had some ticks to remove.