Friday, 08 August, 2003

Politics.  Blech!

All joking aside, the California recall election is yet another example of the fractious politics that have become all too common recently.  This was building for most of Clinton's Presidency, and has become almost unbearable since the 2002 election.  As much as I like to think I'm realistic about politics and especially politicians, I have to admit that I've been terribly naive.

It comes as no secret to anybody who knows me or who has been reading this journal for any length of time that I lean more toward what is considered "conservative."  I'm a big believer in personal responsibility, self-reliance, fiscal conservatism, smaller and less intrusive government, and many of the "traditional values" that are identified as conservative.  My political views are more in line with the original Libertarian party, before  the anarchists took over and turned it into a radical fringe movement.  In any case, I always thought that the Republicans more closely identified with the kind of governance that I desired.  I see now that I was horribly wrong.  How so?  I'll cite three examples.

In all three cases and in many others over the last 10 years, conservative Republicans have acted in the best interest of the party rather than in the best interest of the people who they're supposed to be representing.  In addition, when they do sit down to work on legislation, they play the same games that Democrats play but to a different audience.  Where are the fiscal responsibility, self reliance, and limited government that is supposedly identified with conservatism?  All I see are "family values" proposals that do nothing but pit one vocal minority against another and polarize the electorate.  Maybe I'm just now beginning to see clearly.  Maybe politics in this country has always been characterized by two groups of people spending the majority of their time arguing like little kids over who gets the biggest piece of my pie.

All things considered, I'm disgusted by the whole stinking mess.