Sunday, 10 August, 2003

Searching for blogging software

I've been wanting to change the format of this diary, but I'm having trouble finding a blogging program that'll do all the things that I want.  I've even considered moving to one of the services like Blogger or blog*spot, but I like having control over the Web site here and being able to post pictures, movies, etc.  But maintaining the diary in FrontPage is difficult, and I'm not able to post entries when I'm away unless I have my laptop and an Internet connection.  I've looked at CityDesk, which is a fine program and well worth the $350, but it doesn't have a Web piece.  I'd still need to have my laptop with me in order to post entries.  The BlogX project on GotDotNet looks like it might be promising, but it's still a bit too primitive for my taste.  Plus, if I'm going to change then I want to get a few more features, blog indexing chiefly among them.  CityDesk has keywords that you can use to create topic categories, but I'm looking for something that'll generate an index of all entries.

If you've found some blogging software that you think is really great, please drop me a line and tell me about it.  It doesn't matter much to me whether the server piece runs on Windows or Linux, but I'm partial to a Windows-based client piece.