Saturday, 04 October, 2003

Women's Adventure Race

It's not every day that a guy can say he had a date with 450 women.  My friend Jason Mittman organized the Women's Adventure Race which took place today at Muleshoe Recreation Area on Lake Travis.  The race benefited the Young Survival Coalition.  Thanks to all of the sponsors and volunteers, Jason was able to present a check for $7,500.00 to the founder.

I volunteered to help out and ended up at a particularly difficult portion of the mountain bike course, there to call for help on the radio if anybody got hurt negotiating the rocky downhill.  Three women made unexpected dismounts going down the hill, but nobody was hurt beyond a few scrapes and bruises.

Approximately 450 women competed in teams of two and three, hiking/running 4.5 miles, mountain biking 9 miles, and tubing about 1/2 mile.  There were other events—puzzles and physical challenges—throughout, too.  This was not a hard-core adventure race.  70 percent of the women who participated were doing their first race, and the mood was very cooperative.  From what I saw, they all enjoyed themselves.  And I enjoyed cheering them on as they passed my checkpoint.