Friday, 31 October, 2003


I hadn't planned to dress up for Halloween this year for two reasons:  I'm out at a client's office for work, and Debra is out of town at the Lone Star African Violet Council's annual convention.  But Wednesday I learned that I'd be at my normal office for the next 10 days or so, and I got an invitation to go to a friend's Halloween party.

Coming up with a suitable costume on the spur of the moment is somewhat difficult.  On this morning's bike ride I decided that I'd go to work as a tourist, so I donned a particularly hideous outfit (picked up on a Caribbean island after a few too many beers and too many hours in the hot sun), cheap sun glasses, Panama hat, beach shoes, and to top off the ensemble:  black socks.  I looked totally ridiculous, which was the point.

For the evening's party I resurrected a costume that I first wore back in 1999.  This, I think, is the best Halloween costume I've ever done.  The effect in dim light is truly frightening.  My friend had a little "haunted house" in his garage, and when I showed up looking like Scary Death Guy he put me to work.  I'd crouch silently in a dim corner and try to keep from laughing when just the sight of me there would cause somebody to scream.  The most memorable was a kid of about 10 who backed up into the wall with his eyes as big as saucers, shrieked like a little girl, and then after regaining his composure said, "You didn't scare me!"

I love Halloween!