Sunday, 30 November, 2003

Recovery ride

Getting up for today's ride was more difficult than any of the previous three days.  My friend Tim Thomas is training for triathlons and wanted me to push him a little on the bicycle.  I needed to do a "recovery" ride anyway, to work out the kinks from the last three days, so he came out to my house at 9:00 and we headed out.  I really shouldn't have pushed as hard as I did.  The wind was still strong from the south, and we headed into it and up the hill to start.  Tim's a lot stronger on the bike than he thought, and I had to work pretty hard to push him.  The result wasn't a recovery ride at all, but rather a medium hard ride.  We covered 19 miles at an average speed of 15 MPH, which in that wind was doing pretty good.  My legs are totally destroyed now from a few hill sprints, and I'll have to take it easy the next few days to avoid hurting myself.  But at least I was able to keep in front of a guy who's almost 10 years younger than I am.