Sunday, 07 December, 2003

Bicycling update

The reason I usually ride in the morning is so that I can get that done and out of the way.  If I put off the ride until later in the day, it's entirely too easy to have something "more important" cause me to miss the ride.  Yesterday was a case in point.  I met some members of the local ham radio club for an early breakfast and discussion, then got busy and conveniently missed my ride.  So today I went out for the long ride.  In the wind again.  And hills this time, too.  I'd rather do hills than wind, but both at once are tough.  Today's ride was supposed to be 64 miles but I miscalculated and ended up doing 68.  I felt good, if a little weak on the last few hills.  Fortunately the wind was at my back the last 10 miles.  I didn't take it easy the last week like I should have, so my legs are still a bit weak and tired.