Sunday, 04 January, 2004

Century Ride

I had planned to ride 100 miles on Thursday, but changed my plans when we decided to spend New Year's Eve dancing.  Instead, I did it yesterday.  I was a little concerned about my ability to ride that far, considering that the furthest I've ridden since last March is just under 70 miles.  I set out yesterday morning at about 10:30 for 7 hours on the bike.  I managed to do things right this time:  maintained a steady pace, ate regularly, and drank plenty of fluids.  Other than a little nausea from too much Gatorade, I felt pretty good.  After a big plate of spaghetti and a couple of Aleve for the aching legs, I crawled in bed and slept like a rock.  This morning I rode 32 miles to get the kinks out and except for my legs being a little tired, I felt fine.

I'm just a little over halfway through my training program.  I'm confident that if I stick with the program for the next 12 weeks, I'll have no trouble with the ride to south Texas at the end of March.