Monday, 12 January, 2004

Bicycling update

Last week was kind of an interesting week for riding.  I took Monday off, mostly because when I got up to ride I realized that I had forgotten to plug my battery in to charge overnight.  Riding in the dark without a light is a great way to get hit by a car, or run into a wheel-sized hole.  It was cold enough on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that I didn't want to go out, so I set up the stationary trainer in the garage, out of the wind.  An hour is about all I can endure on that thing, but I can sure get a good workout in that time.  Weather was better on Friday and I went out for my scheduled 23-mile ride.

I rescheduled Saturday's long ride to Sunday so my friend Jason could join me for part of it.  I rode the 20 miles to his place, and we had a good 40+ mile ride together.  Then I was on my own again for 30 miles.  Total for the day was 92 miles at the same pace as last weekend's 100, but I felt a lot stronger at the end than I did last week.  No nausea this time, but a mild cedar allergy had me a bit congested to start.  This morning I did a slow 18 miles, even though all I really wanted to do when the alarm went off is crawl back in bed.

My scheduled rides are getting longer, and I don't know how I'm going to fit them into my day.  Today's ride was supposed to be 25 miles at a slow pace, but that would mean two full hours on the road.  I'll either have to start getting up earlier in the morning (and 5:00 am is quite early enough already), or start splitting the rides into morning and afternoon. Instead of 2 hours in the morning, probably 1.5 hours in the morning and 1 hour on the trainer in the evening.  That should get me close enough.  I hope.