Saturday, 31 January, 2004

A painful lesson

Ouch.  I set out on the bike this morning at about 6:30 all bundled up in my cold weather gear.  The temperature was 30 degrees with a light wind from the southeast.  My first stop was the Monument Cafe in Georgetown where I had breakfast with some of the guys from the ham radio club.  I have re-installed the antenna on the bike (using a different mounting method), and was able to make a few contacts on my way up.  After breakfast, it was 10 miles back down to Round Rock to ride with some folks from the Austin Cycling Association.  It didn't warm up like I had expected and everybody doing the 53 mile ride were going too fast for me.  I ended up cold and all alone about 20 miles into it.  I made the mistake of not taking any snacks along, and bonked rather badly after I'd ridden 50 miles.  At that point I was 30 miles from home.  I crawled into the little town of Weir and found a convenience store where I rested and got some food, and then limped the remaining 20 miles home.

I know better than to set out on an 80 mile ride without taking a few energy bars.  I guess that's what these practice rides are for:  to make the mistakes and learn from them so I don't do it during the big ride.  Whatever the case, it was a painful lesson.