Sunday, 08 February, 2004

My longest ride to date

It's been a very busy week in which I've had little time to think about posting entries.  Bicycle training takes an increasing amount of my time.  Yesterday I went out for what was supposed to be 120 miles but because a meeting went too long I ran out of daylight and had to settle for 108 miles.  I had originally planned to ride 100 miles today, but I had a few things to catch up on and didn't get on the road until 12:30.  My second flat of the day occurred at 45 miles and seeing how badly slashed my tire was I decided to pack it in.  I called Debra to come pick me up.

From the way I felt after both rides this weekend, I'm reasonably confident that I could make the planned 350 miles in three days any time.  As long as I keep my heart rate down, keep fed and hydrated, I can go pretty much forever.  I'll keep training, of course, but now it's more to maintain my fitness rather than continue to push myself to ride farther and faster.