Wednesday, 18 February, 2004

Dean's out. Who's left?

So after a dismal showing in the Wisconsin primary yesterday, Howard Dean has decided to throw in the towel.  I find it curious that he's going to stop campaigning, but will not officially step out of the race, thereby giving his supporters the opportunity to vote for him come convention time.  That doesn't make much sense, especially when you consider that Dean has denounced frontrunner John Kerry as being "beholden to special interests," and has said publicly that John Edwards would be a better candidate to beat Bush.  If Dean were to hold on to his supporters through the convention, he just might take votes from Edwards and give Kerry the nomination.  I suspect that Dean is playing some silly game, hoping to get something from Edwards in return for an endorsement.  Does Dean want to be Vice President?

I've lost track now.  Who's left in the race besides Edwards and Kerry?  Gephardt, Lieberman, and Clark are gone, and Dean is headed for the door.  Did Kucinich ever really get into the race? Sharpton and Braun were never serious contenders, so it's irrelevant if they're still in the race except that they might "bring out the vote." Did I miss anybody?