Wednesday, 10 March, 2004

Bush's support of Federal Marriage Amendment

Bush's endorsement of the Federal Marriage Amendment earns him points with his hard line right wing supporters, and costs him nothing.  Staunch Republicans, even if they tacitly support gay marriage, won't let Bush's stand on this issue push them to vote for John Kerry or any of the other recent Democratic hopefuls.  Similarly, it's highly unlikely that any loyal Democrat would vote for Bush even if he came out in favor of gay marriage.  Even Democrats who oppose gay marriage aren't going to let Bush's endorsement of an amendment that has zero chance of passing sway them.

The coming election won't be won by staunch Republicans or loyal Democrats.  This election, like the one before, will be decided by that small percentage (perhaps smaller than ten percent) of voters who currently are "undecided," and it's unlikely that this issue would be a deciding factor for many of them.  It's a can't-lose endorsement for Bush.  It costs him nothing and keeps the campaign contributions coming in.

But it's still a stupid proposal.