Sunday, 21 March, 2004

Last long training ride: 125 miles

Yesterday was my last long training ride before the big event that starts on March 30.  Since I hadn't determined the exact route we would take out of Austin, I decided to go exploring today.  I studied the city bicycle map and maps of the county roads between here and San Marcos, and then set out on an all-day trek.  I hit downtown San Marcos at about 12:30, took a break for lunch, and headed back home.  I made a few other stops during the ride and got home right at dark:  7:00 pm here.  Total ride time was 10 hours and 30 minutes:  9 hours of riding and an hour and a half of resting at one place or another.  Total distance was right at 125 miles.  I felt surprisingly good throughout the ride, except for one bad spot at about 105 miles.

My training for the big ride is done.  Now it's just maintenance rides, lots of carbs and lots of water until next Tuesday morning.