Saturday, 27 March, 2004

Rosedale Ride

The 10th Annual Rosedale Ride was today, starting at Samsung Austin Semiconductor in northeast Austin, and traveling the farm roads and county roads of eastern Williamson County.  The weather, surprisingly enough, was almost perfect for a bike ride:  mid 60's to start and cloudy.  The only drawback was the wind:  20 to 25 MPH from the southeast.  But, as I've said before, that's springtime in central Texas.  This is the fifth year in a row I've participated in the ride.  It's well supported, the volunteers are helpful, and  everybody is happy to see us come out.  I'll be back.

62 miles is no big deal considering what I'm about to undertake come Tuesday, but today's ride was quite a challenge for a different reason.  Last night while I was playing with Charlie I stubbed my toe (second toe, next to the big toe) against a desk.  Hard.  Hard enough to make me think I might have broken it (the toe, not the desk).  I iced it last night and this morning taped it to the adjacent toes.  I had difficulty walking, but riding wasn't too bad as long as I didn't put too much pressure on my right foot.  It's feeling better now, late in the evening, and I think it'll be a little sore next week but not a problem for the upcoming ride.