Friday, 28 May, 2004

Debra's new ride

Debra started riding with me in the mornings about a week after I returned from my trip to Harlingen.  (See April 1 for details.)  We spent the first four or five weeks riding the mountain bikes:  one hour in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and a longer ride of two hours or so on Sunday.  Mountain bikes are okay, but they're not built for hours sitting in the saddle in the same position like road bikes are.  After a 25 mile ride a couple of weeks ago, we showered and then headed down to the Bicycle Sport Shop.  We'd been planning to get Debra a road bike at some point, and we'd pretty much figured out what she should get.

The bike in the picture is a Lemond Zurich.  It's at the high end of the low-end racing bikes, if that makes any sense.  The frame is carbon fiber and Reynolds 853 steel.  Bontrager wheels, Shimano Ultegra components.  It's a sweet ride.  It's probably overkill for the kind of riding we do, but to get a less expensive bike means sacrificing comfort.  Debra's had it for almost two weeks now, and says that riding it is a lot more comfortable than the mountain bike.  Sunday we'll go out for 30 miles.