Saturday, 29 May, 2004

Accessing Windows shares from Linux

More experiments on the Linux front.  Today I thought I'd figure out why I can't access my Windows shares from my SuSE 9.1 system.  Konqueror, the KDE file manager, dies unexpectedly when I attempt to access one of the shares.  I managed to get Mandrake 9.2 running on my other lab computer here, and am able to access the shares from Konqueror without trouble.  So, there's something wrong with the SuSE configuration.  Figuring I might as well start at the beginning, I tracked down the Samba documentation and learned how to use it from the command line.  With the command:

smbclient //server/share -Userver/jmischel

I was able to connect to the Windows share from my SuSE system.  I can get a directory listing and read the files.  But even after connecting with smbclient, I'm unable to connect using Konqueror.  So that means there's a problem with the Konqueror configuration, or with the interface between Konqueror and Samba.  I still haven't tracked that one down.