Monday, 31 May, 2004

Access to Windows shares problems solved

A Google search for "konqueror windows share" revealed the Access to Windows Shares article on SuSE's site, which gives instructions for the command line and Konqueror on SuSE versions 8.1 and later.  The command line setup was painless, and in a matter of a few minutes I had full access to my Windows shares both from the command line and from Konqueror.  The basic idea is to create a directory on the Linux box and then map the Windows share to that directory with this mount command:

mount -tsmbfs //server/share /linuxpath/dir

After that, I could just browse to /linuxpath/dir and I was able to access the files on the Windows share.  I can make the mapping permanent by adding the mount point to the /etc/fstab file, the only drawback being that I need to identify each individual share in that file or use the administrative shares (C$, D$, etc.).

Adding browse capability so that I can browse for machines and shares from Konqueror was a little more involved.  I had to start YAST again and install a couple more packages, then configure LISa, the LAN Information Server.  On my first try I could access the Windows shares only by IP address, apparently because I didn't instruct LISa to send NetBIOS broadcasts to locate servers.  I had to install the Samba server package and enable it before I could access by machine name.  This is hinted at on the Web page, but not explicitly stated.  I'm somewhat surprised that I have to enable the Samba server in order for this to work.  I wonder if the reason is that the program that LISa uses, nmblookup, is part of the Samba package.  Perhaps it's possible to install that program by itself?