Friday, 02 July, 2004

Hanging out in Laguna Beach

The primary purpose of this weekend is a reunion for five of us who hung out together back in the early 1980s in Grand Junction, Colorado.  My friends Randy, Dean, Mike, and Paul had known each other for several years before I met them in 1982 when I wandered into Randy's computer store and TV repair shop.  (The TV repair business paid for his computer habit.)  The five of us did a lot of things together for the two years I lived there, and we've kept in touch to varying degrees since then.  By this evening, everybody had arrived and we started talking over old times and discussing the things we've done in the past 20 years.  The beer flowed and the puns flew, and we had a grand old time playing poker and Mexican Train (a dominos game that I'd never played before).  I'm not sure what our wives and the children thought of our antics, but we sure enjoyed it.