Sunday, 04 July, 2004

Canon's Digital Rebel

Dean, Paul, and I took a walk this afternoon down to the beach and around the point to view Randy's house from the bottom of the cliff.  Unfortunately, we were only able to see the back fence and a small part of the roof.  The back yard is approximately 85 feet above the shore and the house sits quite a way back from the edge of the cliff.  My little digital camera doesn't take very good pictures at that distance, but Randy got some very good shots of us with his 6 megapixel camera.  Some samples (warning, large pictures):

Climbing to the shore, about 200 feet away.
Standing on the rocks, about 400 yards.

The camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  Very slick.  The unit goes for under $1,000 ($200 less if you get just the body with no lenses) and allows you to use Canon's SLR lenses.  I just might have to get one of those.