Tuesday, 13 July, 2004

A New Format

After looking around quite a bit to find a blogging program that I can live with, I've decided to try my hand at doing it myself. Rather than trying to fit something like PostNuke into my way of doing things, I will start by creating these pages manually, and over time develop programs that will automate the process somewhat. As I have time to play, I'll be adding a few features. I'll probably go back and convert old entries as well, although that project has a lower priority.

One problem that I resolved immediately is the moving entry link. In the past, when an article first appeared here it was on the main diary.htm page. After three months it got moved to the archive for that month. This caused no end of trouble for people who linked an item or used a search engine to find entries. Now, all entries are written to individual static Web pages and the 50 or so most recent will be aggregated on this page. You can find the article's permanent location by clicking on the article title in the header.

Currently, and for the near future, this scheme requires that I upload two pages to the server whenever I add a new article: the article's permanent file, and also this main page. There's no way to fix that until I add some server-side code here that will automatically create the aggregation page. I'm planning to do that, but it'll be a while.

Let me know what you think of the new format.