Friday, 06 August, 2004

DeepMetrix Login Page versus Firefox 0.92

Part of my hosting package is the DeepMetrix LiveStats reports that give me information about how many people visit the site, the most commonly viewed pages, number of repeat visitors, browser and operating system stats, keywords used in searches, and all manner of other things.  It's a very nice package of reports when it's working.  It seems like the stats server is kind of unreliable, though.  Back in May it was down for over a week, and last week it was down for a couple of days.  Still, I do like the information that it gives me.

There is one drawback, though.  My Firefox browser doesn't like the login page at  If I visit that page with Firefox 0.92 from my Windows machine, it goes into an infinite loop.  It works fine from Internet Explorer 6 and from Firefox 0.8 on my Linux machine.  I wonder if the folks over there know about that.  Anybody know what on that page could be causing the problem?