Wednesday, 11 August, 2004

Looking at Search Terms

One of the reports that I get from Sectorlink is a list of terms people used to search my site.  Most of the searches are understandable, but there are a few that make me shake my head.  Here are some of my favorites.

where do allroads lead
all roads lead to rome give an explanation
a rabbits lucky foot did you know
lose socks in washer
lifesavers spark
rotational dynamics

These all are obvious matches for a bit of silliness over in my Rants section.  I sure hope whoever was looking for that information doesn't take my word as the definitive reference on the subject.  Two other search strings probably matched that page, too, although I didn't directly address those questions:

where did ceaser salad come from
julias ceaser when he was born and what did he do

If the person who searched for "nude sunbathing barton springs austin tx" is a woman, I'd be happy to join her there.  Please contact me.

"anisomorpha bupestroides" threw me for a loop until I looked it up on Google.  It's the formal name of the American Walking Stick.  I posted a picture of one that I found in the yard a few years back.

A "concrete beer warehouse" sounds like a great idea, by the way.  I don't have one, but if you build one on my property I'd be happy to fill it with homebrew.

I have no idea how to "transform rice to rice krispies."  Maybe Snap, Crackle, and Pop are relatives of the Keebler elves.  I can't imagine why somebody would think I knew that answer. 

These four make something of a surrealistic poem.

ponzi wines employees
smut magazine august 14
wesley snipes haircut pictures
landscaping cigarette butts

And, my favorite:

random jim

Seeing that, I just had to run the search through Google.  I made the top 10.