Monday, 23 August, 2004

CityDesk Critique

I've been converting my old Random Notes entries to CityDesk, starting from the first entries that I made back in October 2000.  So far I've converted all of the entries through September 2002, which puts me at an average of about one month per day since I started the project on July 26.  At that rate I should have everything converted by the middle of next month.

I'm reasonably happy with CityDesk, but not completely happy.  The good far outweighs the bad, especially when compared with the way I was maintaining my site, but the program is missing some features and has some quirks that make it less than ideal.  In no particular order, those are:

CityDesk is a good replacement for the way I was maintaining my Web site previously, and I'll keep using it for the near term.  I'm in the market for something better, though.  Maybe their version 3.0 will address enough of the shortcomings to make me want to upgrade.  If you have any suggestions of programs I should try, please let me know.