Monday, 27 September, 2004

Spam Filtering / Mozilla Thunderbird

The system administrator at work recently installed or subscribed to (I'm not entirely sure how it works) spam filtering software supplied by VeriSign.  Now, instead of a hundred or more junk email messages clogging my mailbox every day, suspect messages are quarantined and I'm given the opportunity to use a Web browser to sift through the messages.  I'm happy to see my Inbox shrink, and it's good to know that internal messages (messages that originate from inside the company firewall) won't be marked as spam, but I'm disappointed that I have to go to yet another Web site and use yet another crappy browser interface to sift through the suspect messages.  You'd think that VeriSign could afford a better interface; maybe even borrow a few ideas from POPFile.

Speaking of POPFile, I've stopped using it.  At least, I'm not using the standalone version.  I've installed Mozilla Thunderbird on my primary Windows machine and have moved my email back from the Linux box.  Thunderbird is a much nicer email client than Evolution, and it has a built-in adaptive spam filter that appears to work rather well.  Somebody said that this is a version of POPFile, something which I haven't taken the time to verify.  Whatever the case, there's a lot to like in Thunderbird.  I'll give it a mini review here after I get a little more comfortable with it.