Sunday, 28 November, 2004

The monthly century

Today was Century Day:  time for my monthly 100 mile ride in order to complete my goal of at least one century a month for the year.  Today was a bit difficult for two reasons:  I've been pretty lazy since Debra and I did the Round Rock century on October 9, and the wind today was 15 to 20 MPH straight out of the south.

Debra did the first 20 miles with me.  We swung by the house where I topped off my water bottle, ate a small snack, and headed out onto the road.  Since the wind was so strong, I didn't want to do any real long pulls into it, so I did two 40 mile loops that had me going mostly east and west.  Still, the last pull into the wind was brutal so I cut the loop short and rode the last 20 miles in a subdivision, sheltered from the wind.

This certainly wasn't my fastest 100 mile ride ever, but it was one of my best.  I kept my heart rate in the proper range, conserved energy, ate and drank on schedule, and felt pretty good by the time it was over.  I'll have to remember how to do that when I'm in shape again and the weather is nicer.