Wednesday, 15 December, 2004

Fixing Windows XP file associations

I installed PowerArchiver on my Windows XP machine at work the other day because I wanted to read a .tar.gz file. The default installation of PowerArchiver takes over all of the compressed file associations on the computer, making PowerArchiver the program that opens all compressed file formats that it understands (which is quite a few). This all works great until you uninstall PowerArchiver. Then you lose your file associations.

I uninstalled PowerArchiver shortly after I used it for the .tar.gz file. Today I wanted to create a zip file, but the option to create a new compressed (zipped) folder didn't appear on the Windows Explorer menu. Not good. Google to the rescue.

A search for "windows xp zip restore association" returned a link to Doug Knox's Windows XP File Association Fixes. A quick download of the ZIP Folder Association Fix, and I was back in business.

If you're looking for Windows tips, tweaks, and tricks, check out Doug's Windows Tweaks and Tips. There is a lot of good stuff there. But be careful. You should have some idea of what you're doing before you start applying some of those fixes.