Friday, 31 December, 2004

Final century of the year

In keeping with my recently acquired habit of putting things off to the last possible minute, today I completed my last century ride of the year.  As I mentioned previously, I set a goal at the beginning of the year to do at least one century ride per month.  Today's ride, difficult as it was, completed that.  I haven't been training much since October, so I struggled through the ride.

All told, I made 14 century rides over the year:  one each month, with two extra in March.  The longest ride was 136 miles (first day of my trip to Harlingen in March), and the shortest was 98 miles (the last day of the trip).

Just for the record, I won't be making that commitment next year although I will be training for another ride to Harlingen.  This time I'll have more company:  possibly a half dozen people making the full ride with me, and a dozen or more making the last day.  It should prove interesting.