Saturday, 15 January, 2005

Poison Ivy

I managed to get into some poison ivy last Sunday while I was out mountain biking at Walnut Creek Park.  I've gotten into the stuff before, although I've never recognized it at the time.  Usually I come home and shower right after mountain biking.  If I'd gotten into the poison ivy, I'd notice a little rash or a few blisters the next day.  This time, though, I came home, changed clothes, and went out to work in the garage.

Giving those oils time to work is a bad idea.  By Wednesday I had very nasty patches on my right arm and right leg, and they seemed to be spreading.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor, who gave me a cortisone shot.  It's probably a good thing that I'm not a professional bicycle racer, or I'd probably be in violation of their doping rules.

By the way, anybody who tells you that poison ivy can't spread by contact would have a tough time convincing me.  I originally got it on my right forearm.  A couple of days later I managed to get it on my right thigh.  I'll leave you to imagine the common posture that allowed that particular contact.  In any case, it's been almost a week now, and this rash still itches like mad.  Stay away from the poison ivy.  If you do get into it, be sure to wash thoroughly as soon as possible afterwards.  You don't want to go through what I've been through the last week.