Saturday, 22 January, 2005

Content management resources

Although I'm impressed with Mambo so far, and think that it will do what I need, I'm being somewhat cautious with my implementation.  I've decided that I'm going to install it on a production Web site, but that first installation won't be here.  I want to make sure that I have a good understanding of its strengths and weaknesses before I go through the trouble of reworking this site and converting all of my content.  Few things are more painful than having to revert after a failed migration.

If you're looking for a content management system for your site, be it a personal site like this one, a large corporate site, or something in between, there's probably a solution out there for you.  I found the following resources very useful while I was doing my research.

Beyond that, you're on your own. I'm still learning the lingo, and I don't have much experience with any of the products yet except CityDesk and my ongoing education (for work)in Microsoft Content Management Server.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out the Wikipedia article Content management systems.