Saturday, 05 February, 2005

Why are we fat? Part 2.

Getting back to the Fat America topic that I started a while back, and assuming we agree that there are more fat people now than in the past...

My previous posts on this topic (See January 22, 2002, August 26, 2002, and June 21, 2003 for examples) have been pretty narrow minded, falling far on the side of "Get off your fat ass and stop shoving Big Macs in your pie hole." Although I still firmly believe that in most cases ultimate responsibility for one's health (at least as far as being overweight is concerned) lies squarely on the shoulders of the individual, I've come to accept that the issue is a little more complicated than that. So, I thought a good way to start this discussion would be to list what I consider the most important factors that contribute to our collective corpulence. In no particular order, those are:

In my opinion, the cause of our rising tide of obesity is a combination of those factors. There are two other possible causes that I wanted to mention but that I discount.

I want to warn you up front that it might be a while between posts on this topic. This is research that I fit into my schedule as time permits, and must be put aside when I have more pressing (i.e. paying) projects.