Saturday, 12 February, 2005

Weekend movies

Slim pickings at the video store never prevented me from taking home a movie or two. Last night Debra and I watched Alien versus Predator, the science fiction/action movie inspired by the popular video game. Verdict: not as bad as the reviews would indicate. Lots of cool action and neat alien special effects. Most interesting to me was the way they tied it in with the Alien movies, especially the final scene.

Catwoman also wasn't nearly as bad as the reviewers said. Sure, it wasn't high cinematic art, but it had its moments. Catwoman's bouncing off the walls was obvious CGI gimickry, and not especially well done. But that's okay, as it got the point across. Besides, any movie that has Halle Barry parading around in tight leather is definitely worth the rental fee.

The movies weren't great, but they weren't horrible either. I needed some mindless entertainment after a couple of odd weeks, and these two movies fit the bill nicely. I wouldn't exactly recommend either one, but they're not on my "gag me with a fork" list like some movies the reviewers have praised.