Monday, 28 February, 2005

February Site Traffic

I am astonished at the increase in traffic on this site over the last month. The only thing I can attribute it to is submitting the site to the search engines as I described on January 25. I had 60% more visits in February than in January. With three fewer days in the month. Had the trend continued I would have had almost 80% more traffic.

The hits from referral log spammers dwindled toward the middle of the month, but they still made up six out of the top ten referrers to my site. It's looking more and more like somebody's figured out how to compromise a browser and people don't even know they're spamming referral logs. Yet another potentially useful piece of information rendered worthless by spammers.

I was surprised to see Internet Explorer with 72.1% of the hits to my site this month. That's about 6.5% higher than last month. Firefox is at 12.9%, or down 1.6% for the month. "Unknown" is at 6.1%, Mozilla at 2.8%, and the rest are down in the noise. I think the site has reached a wider audience and that these numbers are more representative of the global browser population. It's no doubt that my site is read by a higher percentage of more experienced computer users, so I would expect a larger percentage of Firefox users.

This month's search terms weren't nearly as entertaining as in previous months. Perhaps I'm just not as easily amused anymore.