Monday, 07 March, 2005

Petty Annoyances

Sometimes little things combine to drive you bonkers.  I just have to get a few things off my chest.

To all you drive-through window people:  if I want cheese on my burger, I'll ask for it.  If I want to "biggie size," "super size," "Whatasize," or otherwise "-size" my meal, I will let you know.  Please stop asking me!  Just punch the buttons I tell you to punch, repeat the order so I know you got it right, and speak clearly when you give me the total.

Hey, broadcast journalists:  the word "united" is pronounced "u-ni-ted," not "u-ni-eh".  The "d" in "administration" is not supposed to be pronounced as a short "t".  I understand that common speech is somewhat lazy, but you're speaking in a formal setting.  Don't they teach diction anymore?

It's "all of a sudden," not "all of the sudden."  And when you really don't care, please say "I couldn't care less," rather than "I could care less."  Please, think about what you're saying.

The term is "old fashioned," not "old fashion."  Three Dog Night sang about an "Old Fashioned Love Song," and Wendy's serves "Old Fashioned Hamburgers."  If you're going to use a cliché, for goodness sakes do it the old fashioned way, okay?

Thanks for listening.  I'll feel better tomorrow.  I promise.