Tuesday, 03 May, 2005

The latest teenage fashion accessory

Every time I think we've gotten as absurd as possible, people surprise me again.  The latest fashion accessory for teenage girls is...you're not gonna believe this one...custom gold tooth caps.  Yes, you too can look like a stereotypical Mexican bandito from a 50's Western.  Or Jaws from the James Bond movies.  Or a gangsta with the latest bling-bling.  All for just $20 per tooth.

I'm pretty sure that, as a teenage boy, I would not have been too keen on any girl wearing a row of gold teeth.  Especially if she had them made with sharp edges.  But then, perhaps that's what these girls' parents are counting on.  $20 per tooth seems like a pretty inexpensive way to keep the boys' hands off your daughter.

On balance, I guess this isn't so bad.  It certainly doesn't compare to the girls at one of the local high schools chipping in to give their "underdeveloped" friends breast enhancements for a graduation gift.