Wednesday, 01 June, 2005

The Autorantic Virtual Moonbat

Wandering the blogs this morning, I ran across the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat.  What a hoot!  Type anything into the text box and you're greeted with a senseless babble of incomprehensible political views.  It's like watching TV politics shows or listening to talk radio except there's no person there trying to convince you that the opinions expressed are worth paying attention to.

You can play with the Moonbat on the linked page, or copy the HTML code to include either version on your own Web page.  Thank Sean Gleeson for this morning's laugh.

"Moonbat," by the way, is the term that conservative bloggers use to describe modern liberals, peace protestors, and other ideological opponents.  The Wikipedia entry says that it's an epithet similar to "Feminazi" or "Idiotarian."  In the little reading I've done of conservative blogs, I've only seen it used to describe people who are way out on the fringe.