Friday, 03 June, 2005

A few more shots of Tokyo

I'm still going through my pictures from Japan and trying to write down as many of my memories before they fade with time.

On my Saturday morning walk I spied what looked like a Christian church tucked away a couple of blocks off the arterial street I was walking on.  This was something that I hadn't seen yet in Japan.  I'd probably wandered past dozens of shrines or temples without knowing it.  Seeing this church nestled among the modern buildings in the middle of Tokyo was kind of strange.  It's a beautiful building with some well-tended gardens.  I was in a hurry so I didn't go inside.

I've mentioned before that space is at a premium in Tokyo.  Most people live in apartments and have no yard to speak of.  I certainly didn't see much unpaved space.  But there are trees along most streets and many people keep little gardens of potted plants outside their buildings.  During my morning walks I often saw the owners watering their gardens.  The language barrier prevented us from speaking, but they seemed okay with me taking pictures.