Sunday, 04 December, 2005

MAKE Magazine

I've always been something of a tinkerer.  I'm not in the same class as my friend Jeff Duntemann who designs and builds radios from spare parts--or of most of the guys in my ham radio club for that matter--but I enjoy building things from time to time.  At least I'm not dangerous with a screwdriver.

In any case, today I ran across MAKE Magazine (an O'Reilly publication), the tinkerer's dream.  Interested in making music instruments out of Lego blocks?  How about modding your espresso machine so that it always makes the perfect cup?  A headphone amplifier that fits in an Altoids tin?  That's just the current issue.  The previous issue focused primarily on car modifications, although the VCR Cat Feeder and The Night Lighter 36 potato cannon sure sound interesting.

A one-year subscription (four issues) is $34.95.  I'm ordering now...