Friday, 24 March, 2006

Juggling to the Beatles

A lot of my friends know that I do a little recreational juggling.  I'm not a good juggler by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy tossing the beanbags around from time to time.  I also appreciate good juggling when I see it.

A couple of weeks ago I started getting emails linking Chris Bliss's 3-ball juggling routine, done to some Beatles music.  Not bad, huh?  None of his juggling tricks is especially difficult, but the choreography was well done.  I thought so, anyway.

I don't know where the bad blood is, but apparently some in the entertainment industry aren't too happy with Chris Bliss getting all this attention.  Jason Garfield got annoyed enough that he created a 5-ball juggling routine to the same music.  Garfield's routine is, quite simply, astounding.  And he makes it look incredibly easy.