Thursday, 30 March, 2006

New Telephone

Debra and I got new phones today.  We both upgraded to the Sprint PCS Voice Phone A560 (who knows how long that link will work) from Samsung.  It's the cheapest phone available from Sprint.  That is, it was free.

And so ends the 4-year Palm Phone experiment.  On my 40th birthday, Debra bought me a Kyocera SmartPhone because I'd been wanting a PDA but didn't want to carry it and a digital phone.  The thing was large, even by 2001 standards, and today people look at it like it's one of those old cell phone bricks.

In any event, it didn't take me long to realize that I'm not the PDA type, and I didn't much care for playing games on that little thing, either.  In fact, there wasn't much at all I liked about that phone, except for the ability to check my email--a feature that was handy when I traveled without a laptop.  I chronicled the problems I had getting SMS text messages to work with the thing last year.  All in all, it was an expensive experiment that ultimately was a failure.

Debra, too, had been using an old phone.  I think hers was over five years old, and it was falling apart.  The new phone is half the size of her old one (about 1/3 the size of my old phone) and seems to have much better reception here at the house than either of the old sets.  It also has longer battery life, a pretty color screen, and more different ring tones, songs, beeps, boops, and bops than I'll ever be able to understand.

But it's cool.  I just hope I don't lose the dang thing, it's so small.