Sunday, 02 April, 2006


"Tiny" is a Belgian Draft Horse.  Click on the image for a larger version. I don't know how tall he is in "hands," but he's by far the largest horse I've ever come close to.  I'm 5'9" tall and can easily see over the back of most horses.  I can't even see over the lowest point on Tiny's back.  The picture does not clearly illustrate just how much larger Tiny is than a regular horse.  I can understand why people were frightened by medieval knights riding these monsters.  They are huge.

Today was the volunteer appreciation party for those of us who worked the Spirit Reins Ride for the Ranch that I mentioned on March 11.  A handful of us made the trek out to the Ranch to enjoy the fresh air, some good grilled hamburgers and sausages, and friendly talk under the trees while watching the horses graze.

It's a restful place, the ranch, run by some very friendly people.  We (the Williamson County Amateur Radio Club) will work the ride again next year.  I might even consider volunteering some of my time for building fences and such.  As soon as I finish a few things around here.